PRISM Reading

A Reading Intervention Program Designed for Tier II and Tier III Students


PRISM Reading Program is aligned to the core CRSL Foundational Reading Program.  It is uniquely created for the interventionist. This program has the flexibility to be used in a variety of schedules. PRISM provides multiple points of entry, based upon assessment. Depending on a student’s needs, a student may enter for a short period of intervention or for the entire program.

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Dramatically increase student’s reading performance through:

Explicit Teacher-led Instruction
Each Folder contains 5 lessons of explicit phonics instruction which is then applied to text reading for a comprehensive literacy experience.  Each level has 8 Folders for a total of 40 lessons.

Embedded Assessment
PRISM includes both ongoing and summative assessments which are tied to IEP goals.

Multisensory Learning
CR Success’ unique Magnetic Folder provides practice with phonetic concepts, which is immediately applied to controlled text reading.

High Degree of Lesson-to-Text Match
PRISM matches the instruction of phonic elements with the words in the student text. Instruction is systematic and sequential.

Flexibility to Match Student and Teacher Needs
PRISM will reduce teacher planning and reporting  time while providing the on-target instruction struggling learners need.

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The Prism Reading Kit includes: