Level 1 & 2 Reading


Use a comprehensive and proven program that connects systematic phonics instruction with meaningful reading.


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In Level 1 your students will develop accelerated gains in reading by

  • building the neural pathways that are necessary for fluent reading.
  • learning the essential skills of phonemic awareness and phonics (consonant digraphs and blends, short and long vowels, common vowel teams).
  • practicing their new phonetic skills by using CR Success Readers.
  • using gestures, chants, and songs to understand the concepts presented.
  • learning to read and spell words with inflectional suffixes.
  • understanding words at a basic morphological level.
  • reading high-frequency sight words in context.
⇒Level 1 Reading features a daily 20 minute whole group lesson. Additionally, CR Success Readers (Bridge Books, Tales of Friends) are used in guided reading lessons.

Level 2 students will continue their reading development by

  • mastering Level 1 concepts.
  • learning the advanced phonetic code which includes variant vowel spellings.
  • applying their knowledge of the six syllable types by reading and spelling unknown words.
  • understanding multi-syllabic words from a morphological viewpoint.

⇒Level 2 Reading features a daily 20 minute whole group lesson. Additionally, CR Success Readers (Tales of Friends, Fables anthology) are used in guided reading lessons.

Our Leveled Reading Kits include: Foundation Reference Manual, Streamlined Level 1 or 2 Manual with USB Drive with Black Line Masters and Songs and Chants, The CR Success Concept Book, Alphabet Wall Cards, Steps of the Magnetic Folder Lesson Poster, and Foundation Teacher Letter Set
Student magnetic boards and books are sold separately.  
Please visit our Resources page to download a full explanation of our Reading Program.