First Steps


Set beginning readers
      on the right path
          to literacy success.

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In First Steps, your students will have fun with Paws, the Spelling Cheetah. The program features 30 minute lessons filled with games and movement as beginning readers

  • identify, blend, segment and manipulate sounds.
  • understand the alphabetic principle before learning sight words.
  • print lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • fluently read one-syllable, short vowel words in text.
  • consistently apply sound-symbol associations for consonants, consonant digraphs and short vowels.
  • develop Concepts of Print.
  • retell a story with the basic narrative elements.
  • grow confidence as readers and writers.
  • participate in guiding reading groups using CR Success Readers.

The comprehensive Teacher’s Guide and
digital Black Line Masters provide:

  • Large group activities for phonemic awareness and phonics
  • Small group guided reading
  • Weekly progress monitoring
  • Plans for differentiation and reteaching
  • Weekly newsletters for communicating to parents
  • Complete Handwriting Program (Home Run Handwriting)
  • Spelling activities that reinforce the phonetic concepts
  • Student writing activities
  • Center activities for extended learning

Other materials in the First Steps Kit include:


Student magnetic boards and books are sold separately.  
Please visit our Resources page to download a full explanation of First Steps.