Level 1 Systematic Phonics and Connected Text

Level 1 Systematic Phonics and Connected Text


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Streamlined Level 1 promotes advanced phonemic awareness while developing phonetic concepts for consonants, consonant blends and digraphs, short and long vowel sounds, common vowel teams, inflectional suffixes, and high-frequency prefixes. High-frequency irregular words, vocabulary, and spelling conventions are also taught.

The user-friendly manual has a systematic sequence of explicit lessons, divided into units. Each unit also has digital files for assessments and for extra learning activates. The companion book, The CR Success Concept Book, includes a visual poster, a clear story, a song or chant, word examples, and often a gesture to teach each concept. This book is also used in the Level 2 program.

The decodable book series, Tales of Friends, is used in connection with the phonics lessons. The accompanying guide supplies lessons in vocabulary building, fluency, and writing.

Goal: To teach systematic, explicit phonics and word study of the English Language, while developing phonemic awareness and reading fluency

Time: Student – 45-60 minutes per day Preparation – 20 minutes per week

Materials included:

  • Streamlined Level 1 Manual and USB with digital worksheets
  • CR Success Concept Book (104 pages)
  • Foundation Magnetic Folder and Letterset
  • Tales of Friends Book Set (16 titles) Teacher’s Guide for Tales of Friends (CD or digital download upon request)