Level K Word Study with Handwriting Program

Level K Word Study with Handwriting Program


Includes Home Run Handwriting Teacher’s Manual and Student Workbook

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In Kindergarten, the Word Study instruction is integrated with the handwriting instruction. Students learn letter-sound correspondences for consonants, short vowels, and consonant digraphs. They also learn how to print the letters. They apply these skills to spelling VC and CVC words, using the P.A.W.S. Spelling Method. Students also study words with irregular spellings and higher-level phonetic patterns.
The manual is user-friendly, with scripts for the busy parent, tutor, or teacher. The fun, action-packed activities that follow a predictable routine. The multisensory, approach engages the student and makes learning memorable. Benchmark assessments are included.

Goal: To provide a word study and handwriting program that emphasizes printing manuscript letters while associating the sounds of consonants and short vowels
Time: Student – 15-20 minutes per day Preparation – 20 minutes per week
Materials included:
Home Run Handwriting Level K Teacher’s Guide (88 pages)
Home Run Handwriting Level K Student Workbook (108 pages)