Level 4 Word Study Program

Level 4 Word Study Program


Includes Wordsmith Level 4 Teacher’s manual and Student Workbook

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The emphasis in Level 4 shifts to learning the meaning and origin of Greek and Latin roots. In cooperative groups, students use a matrix to discover words that contain a specific root. They complete word equations by combining affixes with the root. Students write about a quote which contains the Wordsmith word.

Level 4 students synthesize their knowledge about phonetic concepts while exploring multisyllabic words with Greek and Latin roots.

Goal: To teach the meaning and spelling of multisyllabic words, using Latin and Greek roots
Time: Student – 15-20 minutes per day Preparation – 20 minutes per week
Materials included: Wordsmith Level 4 Teacher’s Guide (188 pages) with digital worksheets (CD or digital download upon request) and Wordsmith Level 4 Student Workbook (120 pages)