Level 3 Word Study Program

Level 3 Word Study Program


Includes Wordsmith Level 3 Teacher’s Manual and Student Workbook

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Students solidify their knowledge of the six syllable types. They expand their understanding of letter-sound correspondences as they learn variant vowel sounds. More difficult phonetic concepts, such as the schwa sound and the Rebel R sound, are explored. Students write a paragraph (narrative, opinion, informational) using one or more of the Wordsmith words. Students study homophones and T.R.I.C.K.y words, using Memory Triggers to remember these words. Students learn the word origin of a selected list word each week.

Goal: To consolidate the understanding of the CRSL phonetic concepts, with an emphasis on words with variant spellings, multisyllabic words, and word origin
Time: Student – 15-20 minutes per day Preparation – 20 minutes per week
Materials included: Wordsmith Level 3 Teacher’s Guide (206 pages) with digital worksheets (CD in manual or download upon request) and Wordsmith Level 3 Student Workbook (168 pages)