First Steps Kit

First Steps Kit



  • First Steps Teacher’s Manual
  • USB Drive with Black Line Masters and Home Run Handwriting digital files
  • First Steps Assessment Flipbook
  • Alphabet Wall Cards (31)
  • Sound Cards (33),
  • First Steps Posters: Color Chart, Gesture Chart, Vowels are Special!, Handwriting Rap, b and d Poster
  • Card Sets: Paws Card, Photo Cards (74), Language Ladder Photo Cards (20), TRICKy Word Cards (42), Hi-5 with Paws (27) with accordion file for storage
  • Language Ladder Word Cards and 4 Mats
  • First Steps Anchor Charts (3) and Comprehension Maps (5)
  • First Steps Teacher Magnetic Letterset (display size)
  • Cheetah Puppet

For classroom implementation, we recommend that each student have a magnetic folder.  The teacher will need a Classroom Guided Reading Set of the Small Steps series and other book sets.  The magnetic folders and books are sold separately from the Teacher Kit.  Please select these items from the appropriate tab.