CR Success Concept Book

CR Success Concept Book


Now Included in Levels 1 & 2 Teacher Kits


Our new CR Success Concept Book presents the concepts in a visual, multi-sensory format, making this the most effective tool yet for teachers to teach phonics.  The complete phonetic code is taught in 25 carefully sequenced concepts.

This oversized instructional tool (9 ½ x 13) enables teachers to explicitly teach the concepts using a multi-sensory approach. All learning modalities will be addressed for maximum student engagement and optimal student learning. The visual posters are accompanied by memorable stories, songs and chants, word examples and guidelines for how to teach with the manipulative magnetic letter tiles.

Teachers and students are unanimous in their approval of the 43 whimsical posters included. Digital copies of the posters are included.

The CR Success Concept Book supports our reading and word study programs.  In addition, it can also be used with other explicit phonics program due to its universal content. A page detailing CR Success terms cross-referenced with common phonetic terms is provided.