We Can Fix Our Literacy Crisis!

We Can Fix Our Literacy Crisis!

February 27, 2023 Uncategorized 0

Recently, the New York Times published an opinion piece by Nicholas Kristof, entitled “Two-thirds of Our Kids Struggle to Read, and We Know How To Fix It.”

You can read it here: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/02/11/opinion/reading-kids-phonics.html

In this article, Kristof wrote, There is growing evidence from neuroscience and careful experiments that the United States has adopted reading strategies that just don’t work very well and that we haven’t relied enough on a simple starting point — helping kids learn to sound out words with phonics.”

Kristof emphasized that we know how to fix our children’s lack of reading proficiency.  It is not just adopting phonics, looking at empirical evidence or the Science of Reading. Kristof stated, “Everyone agrees that phonics are necessary, and everyone also agrees that phonics are not enough.”  It is both what and how we teach.

As I read this article, I couldn’t help but evaluate the programs of CR Success Learning as Kristoff makes his case. Once again, CRSL consistently addresses all of the crucial factors in the journey of literacy, using the Science of Reading and best practices in instructional design

We do know how to fix the literacy problem!  We can work with you to make the difference.

Let us look at some key factors in this journey:

We know our destination.

Research tells us we can have a 95% success rate if teach students correctly. Our goal is to Make Every Child a Reader and a Writer.

We can navigate by research.

The Reading League (2020) wrote, “The science of reading has culminated in a preponderance of evidence to inform how proficient reading and writing develop; why some have difficulty; and how we can most effectively assess and teach and, therefore, improve student outcomes through prevention of and intervention for reading difficulties.”

We have developmental guideposts.

Literacy is developmental. Students learn through distinct phases. As students grow in reading skills, their fluency and use of strategies also increase.

The CR Success Journey

We know how to make the journey engaging.

In scientifically- based reading programs, the pedagogy or method of teaching is highly important. In CRSL, games, visual posters, gesture and actions, songs, and stories spark interest in the lessons. Hands-on materials and a highly interactive style keep the students engaged, motivated, and focused.

We will start at the beginning.

We know the trajectory of literacy success starts early.  

Our next blog will focus on the Jump Start Literacy Program designed for Early Childhood. We know the early years are crucial in a child’s literacy development. We will be describing Jump Start in depth, including exciting new digital tools!