The Best and the Rest – See How CR Success Compares

The Best and the Rest – See How CR Success Compares

March 22, 2022 Uncategorized 0

There are many literacy programs that promise to follow the Science of Reading (SoR).
One of the most significant decisions for a school is which literacy program they will
choose. Which one stands out as the best program?

Due to the myriad of programs available, the evaluation of programs can be a
formidable one. It can be challenging to effectively analyze a program to
make the correct decision for its students.
There are so many questions to
consider. Does this program teach all the critical components of litercy? Does
it instruct in a way that is meaningful and memorable? How does it connect
aspects of learning? Will it engage my students and meet their diverse needs?
Does it provide alignment across grades and levels?

CR Success Learning began in 1999, with the premise that phonological
instruction should be integrated with systematic phonics instruction,

and then applied to spelling, writing, and reading. Vocabulary, comprehension
strategies, and fluency were important parts of this application. Research,
beginning with the 2000 National Reading Panel’s study, have continued to
confirm this premise.

But CRSL goes beyond this basic framework of instruction, just as research
has continued to develop and expand our understanding of literacy. We have
provided a comprehensive checklist for you to download to compare our
program with others.
We show our unique features as well as the robust
nature of our programs, using a number of details to consider.

Often, programs pay lip service to recognize the five pillars of reading
(phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension)
without truly integrating these components. CRSL has always sought to
provide programs that connect learning and teach concepts that “stick” with
the students. We believe in using the best practices in instruction and
staying completely up-to-date on the research of reading.
Visit our
website to view our program catalogs for more information.

We’d enjoy talking with you and answering your questions as you explore our
programs. Please call Cheryl @ 303-699-7566 or email me at

Thank you for all that you do for your students,
Cheryl Rose Campbell
President, CR Success Learning, LLC