Handwriting Has Significant Importance in Literacy Instruction

Handwriting Has Significant Importance in Literacy Instruction

March 11, 2022 Uncategorized 0

Read on to learn more about our handwriting program and to receive
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In the recent past, handwriting has taken a backseat in literacy education. But
research reveals that handwriting is actually, in the words of Laura Stewart, “a
critical piece of foundational reading.” Karin James (2012) states that her research
findings “demonstrate that handwriting is important for the early recruitment in
letter processing of brain regions known to underlie successful reading.”

Given its importance, we believe handwriting should be integrated into the literacy
program. We have designed the highly effective Home Run Handwriting Program,
using the key recommendations of research:

  • teach developmentally, knowing that handwriting takes two years to internalize
  • teach explicitly, with clear language and simplified stroke formation
  • teach systematically, organizing letters by beginning strokes
  • teach with intention, considering language needs for directional concepts
    and motoric needs (both gross and fine motor)
  • teach to align and reinforce reading and spelling development

Many handwriting programs are stand-alone and not connected to reading or
spelling instruction. However, CR Success Learning provides a program that aligns
reading with spelling and decoding. This alignment both reinforces and expands
literacy skills; it helps children make important cognitive connections.

Home Run Handwriting allows teachers to differentiate instruction, with special attention to handwriting difficulties, such as letter reversals.

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  • a free digital set of Handwriting Letters and Pictures, which show each
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    be used for teachers to use on interactive white boards

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