Introducing our Comprehensive Product and Program Catalogs

Introducing our Comprehensive Product and Program Catalogs

December 10, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Dear Colleagues,

CR Success Learning has prided itself on applying scientific reading research into practical and engaging programs of instruction. 

We now have two catalogs that visually display and organizes these programs. These catalogs have been long-anticipated, and we are excited to share them with you!

The first 74-page School Catalog is structured for easy review. A Table of Contents and an Index allows the educator to quickly locate items.  The catalog is organized by grade-level programs as well as by categories, which makes navigating our many offerings a breeze.

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Photographs  and thorough descriptions will help you explore the materials.  You will see that new programs have been added, and all programs have been significantly updated. Research doesn’t stand still, nor should we!

We also have listed replacement materials and costs for a la carte materials.

In addition, we have a 24-page Home Learning Catalog, which is focused on home learning and tutoring. The Home Learning Programs provide systematic and sequential instruction in literacy with products for six levels that can be tailored to the individual student.

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We believe these two catalogs  will visually display the depth of our programs and assist in ordering. You can view each catalog as a Flip Book by clicking the pictures above, or download, using the Order drop down menu on our website.

We look forward to working with  you in 2022!  Don’t miss our monthly blogs and emails with special offerings. We value you and hope to always bring Research within your Reach.


CR Success Team